Submit an Innovation Community project

Before you begin, review the fields in the submission form carefully in order to prepare your contribution to the repository. Following these guidelines will ensure that your submission can be processed expeditiously.

  • Your submission may include the following file types:

    • .pdf format for all documents

    • .jpg format for any images submitted separately

    • .mp3 format for audio files

    • .mp4 for video files

  • If you have multiple files that pertain to the same project element (e.g., separate files for assignment instructions, sample work, rubrics, etc.), save all related documents in .pdf format and combine into one file instead of submitting a batch of files.

  • Name your file(s) with the project name first, then indicate the type of activity or practice that it represents (e.g., projectname-assignment.pdf, projectname-curriculum.pdf, projectname-activity.pdf).

  • Run an accessibility check on your .pdf files and correct any problems to ensure that they are fully accessible.

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