Jim Rock Historic Can Collection

Additional Resources

This digital collection represents the cans collected and studied by Jim Rock, and therefore we will not be adding other cans to the Jim Rock Historic Can Collection. However, we are very interested in adding new reference material or resources that might complement and aid in the study of historic cans.

If you have used Jim Rock's research as a resource for your own work, or if you have developed new information about cans and their identification, and would like your work to be linked to from this page, please contact Chelsea Rose, rosec@sou.edu. (Please also submit this form giving us permission to publish your work.)


Other Publications about Cans

Hills Bros. Coffee Can Chronology Field Guide by Steve Lanford and Robin Mills [PDF]

Chinese Cans in the Countryside by Erika Johnson [PDF]

A Clino-cladistic Look at Pull & Push Tab Patents ca. 1950-1980 by William D. Schroeder [PDF]

A Can of Worms? by William D. Schroeder [PDF]


Resources for Dating Cans


Resources for Bottles