Scholarship @ Southern Oregon University

Scholarship @ Southern Oregon University is SOU's central institutional repository for research by the SOU community. Hannon Library manages the repository to make SOU's scholarship easily discoverable and accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. We welcome submissions from all members of the SOU community, including students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

Faculty Scholarship

Faculty are invited to submit their scholarship in whatever form it may be presented electronically. When you deposit your work in our institutional repository, more researchers and students around the world have the ability to view your work, which could increase your citation impact. The institutional repository also provides persistent URLs for every item, making it easy for you to share your archived work with colleagues.

Graduate Student Scholarship - Theses and Projects

All graduate students are required to submit electronic versions of theses and projects. Students submitting masters’ theses are also required to submit print copies for binding to Library Aquisitions in Library Room 229. For information and requirements about physical binding for your projects or theses, please see the information at Graduate Theses and Projects - Binding.

Undergraduate Student Scholarship

Faculty advisors are asked to encourage their students to upload their capstone, thesis, or other research project as appropriate. Advisors are generally required to sign off before an undergraduate student can submit their work for addition to the Scholarship@SOU collection.