Student Scholarship

All graduate students are required to submit electronic versions of theses and projects. Students submitting masters’ theses are also required to submit three print copies and complete the Thesis Binding Form. For information and requirements about physical binding for your projects or theses, please see the information at Graduate Theses and Projects - Binding.

Other examples of Student Scholarship included in an Institutional Repository generally consists of the following:

  • Selected Capstone Projects*

  • Selected Honor's Theses*

  • Selected Action Research Projects*

  • Master’s Theses and Projects (final versions)

  • FUSE papers (Exemplars only)*

*Faculty advisors are generally required to sign off before an undergraduate student can submit their work.

If you are a current or former SOU Graduate or Undergraduate Student and would like to participate by submitting your work to the Institutional Repository, please select Submit Work and follow the directions.

Students (classes of) 1902, 1903, 1904